SLC 5/03 via Aparian DH485/B Router

We have quite a few AB SLC 5/03 controllers in our facilities.

Given that the AB NET-ENI devices are obsolete, I’m looking for a way to connect to them with Ignition and am evaluating an Aparian DH485/B Router. The device seems to work well for remote programming with RSLinx and RSLogix500. I have the Aparian set up for Transparent PCCC communications.

Having issues trying to connect with Ignition. I have the device configured as an AB SLC in Ignition, and get the alternating “Connecting: Determining Protocol”, “Disconnected: Determining Protocol” status.

This might help you.

Thank you. That did the trick.

The Aparian DH485/B Router is still configured for Transparent PCCC. However, adding the 1,0 to the connection properties for the AB SLC device in Ignition allowed Ignition to connect to the Aparian.