SLC-5/04 Connection issues?

Having issues getting this plc to connect. Works fine in linx, but cant determine the protocol in Ignition. I am using the SLC driver. (ENBT is rev 1.040) (DHRIO is rev 7.002)




Channel 'B' is 4, i think. And connection paths are never octal. So, 1,1,4,40, I suspect. Huh. Docs disagree. :man_shrugging:

1,1,3,50 looks right per docs. I'm looking at one right now that is the same as what you have in Linx except it is node 75 on CH A, Datahighway Plus. ENBT & DHRIO revisions are both older than yours. Working connection path is 1 (backplane), 1 (DHRIO slot), 2 (CH A), 75 (node), which fits docs for the channel and node difference.

Is Ignition on the same computer as RSLinx? Can you ping from the computer running Ignition?

Good call with the ping check, they are not on the same machine, and pinging fails, so I guess I will start there.

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