SLC 5/05 Run Mode System Tag

Hi all,

PLCs I am used to working with have system tags that can be useful to monitor.

I have a SLC 5/05 (unfamiliar to me and I don’t have the programming software to make changes) that I need to monitor if is in run mode - does anyone know if such a system tag exists for these PLCs? I cant seem to find documentation on system tags.

S:1/0 - S:1/4 will give you the status you need.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I am browsing the devices OPC tags and cannot see the register you are referring to:

You’ll have to create the tag and manually address it.

Thanks, I added S2:0 and then changed the OPC Item Path - tried the following with no luck:

I believe the manual short-hands to just ‘S’ while the actual status data is all ‘S2’, so you’ll want ns=1;s=[Device]S2:1. Make this a short datatype to get all 16 bits.

We can then use bitwise AND masking with S2:1 to get the integer value of the first 4 bits. This should match the values in @brian.mcenulty’s manual screenshot.

{[default]S2 Status} & 0x000F

If you want it to be a boolean tag for remote running, just add another clause, e.g.

({[default]S2 Status} & 0x000F) = 6
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You want five bits, not four.

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Ah, the in-line tip threw me off - thanks. Should be:

{[default]S2 Status} & 0x001F

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