SLC 5/05 Tag not visible

I have a few screen shots to show this. The tag is not visible in the GUI in ignition. You can manually type it in, and it will work. As you can see O:2 doesn’t show up, but it will work.

Just updated our test server to 7.1.2 that did not fix it, just an FYI.

How many O: words are in the SLC? If there are only 2, we may be off by 1.

I don’t think this is the cause, but try deleting the DustCollector71101.tags file and then refresh the browse.

This is data we must maintain for 5 years. I don’t like the word delete… LOL

Are you saying delete it from the SQL Tags Browser then re-add it? If not I am not following you.


He is talking about a browse-cache file maintained in the Ignition Gateway installation directory. For example, it should be under some path like this: [tt]C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\contexts\main[/tt]

This is not a “data” file - deleting it is safe. It is just a cache that the drivers use so they don’t have to go and browse the PLC all the time.


We are running on Linux. I found the tags file in:


I deleted it, refreshed the browse. It made a new file, but they still are not there.

PS> Was off on vacation Friday, that’s why the delay in getting back.

Well we have any more ideas?