SLC Driver - 'Connected:Determining Protocol'

I have a bunch of SLC 5/04s that I am talking to via ANC-100e DH+ to Ethernet converters and the built in Ethernet SLC driver. It all works great, but if the devices are powered off (say for a weekend) and then come back online, the drivers do not automatically reconnect. I just see that the status is stuck on ‘Connected:Determining Protocol’. If i disable/ enable the driver, then it connects just fine.

Is there a way to enable and disable OPC-UA drivers from a script? Maybe I can just write a gateway script that automatically disables/enables the nodes that aren’t connected as a workaround.

Driver? No. If you meant device, yes:

Yep, that is what I meant. I’ll give this a try. I wonder if I need to wait at all between disabling the device and enabling it again?

I wouldn’t think so.

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Cool. Thanks so much!