SLC OPC Timer Tags

Ack! :open_mouth:

When did the OPC-UA server stop enumerating timers? Luckily I’m only using one, and it’s not used that often, but I just came across this whilst working on something else, and had an “oh my” moment. Actually, you could put your own words there, and probably be accurate! :laughing:

So did it break somewhere, or is this normal and I’ll just have to remember it for when I go beyond one timer?


Or being in the season: pa-rum-pa-pum-bump… :mrgreen:

Can you give more information? We do automated testing before releasing each version, but just to make sure I mocked it up here and it looks like it works fine.

What version of Ignition are you using?
What are the OPC Item Paths that you are having problems with?

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Using v7.2.9.

Ok I need to amend this a bit. I fired this off while putting out other fires in the facility. This only seems to be happening on one SLC. Even more annoying than usual! :laughing:

When OPC browsing a SLC using the Ignition OPC-UA driver, there are no timers enumerated for this PLC .

Like I said, I don’t really access timers very often. In fact, it’s the only one I actually write an occasional value to-- like once or twice a year. It just caught me by surprise.

Restarting the gateway didn’t help.

We can back-burner this for the moment. When the Christmas shutdown occurs, I’ll delete and re-add the device and see if that does anything for us.

Unless you thing of anything before-hand, of course!

Thanks, Tom.

No problem. After you restart it, do a refresh browse. If it still doesn’t appear, set the ABSLCBrowseRequest to “Trace”, do a refresh browse, export the logs and send them into to support.

Also, which model of SLC?