Slider data type

Does the slider support float data types? Need to get it to .5 increments.

No, it doesn’t right now. You can always multiply by a factor of 10.

Thanks Travis. Is it in the near future that the slider will accept other data types?

X .1

I added a ticket but don’t know when the developers will add it to Ignition. If I have any updates I will post it here.

I’ve got to have this slider work way down to the ten thousandths.
You just can’t be controlling chemical doing at water treatment plants in integers.
I guess I could use µGPM but you know how end users hate having their units converted on them.

While I totally agree that we should have the slider support floating point values, this is a good opportunity to show off the power of our template system. In a few minutes I created my own floating point slider template, which you could use in your own projects!
Float_Slider.proj (8 KB)

Float_Slider.proj (10.4 KB)

Has support for this ever been added in perspective?

You’re resurrecting a very old thread, but yes, you can set props.step to 0.5 and the built-in slider will provide values on that increment.

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I created a slider with the following settings.
min: 0, max: 1, step: 0.1
Labels… show: true, interval: 0.1

When I do this it displays the 0 and that is all. It will allow me to select the values between 0 and 1, but it doesn’t display the values.

Should I create a new thread instead of resurrecting an old thread?

Yes, and add the Vision or Perspective tag as appropriate. This thread predates Perspective.