Slider in template on popup

I have a template that I’m using on a popup that has a slider in it. The template has a custom property that I’m using to drive to slider, and that custom property is being referenced on the popup as an indirect.

The issue I’m having is when I use the slider it properly updates the PLC through the tags. However, if I close the popup and then re-open it the slider shows the LAST value, not the current value. If I put multiple instances of the slider in the template, the slider that I don’t interact with shows the proper value, however the one that I used to change the value initially updates but when the popup is closed and re-opened the slider doesn’t show the current value.

For instance: I open the popup and the slider is currently at 25. I change it to 75. PLC gets a value of 75 and the slider shows a value of 75. I close the popup and re-open the popup and the slider is now showing 25 but the value in the PLC is 75.

Any ideas?

What version of Ignition is this? This sounds like an issue that was present in 7.9.7 but will be fixed in 7.9.9.

Version 7.9.8

Are there any known workarounds?

Its not ideal but perhaps you can use the componentRunning property in the template itself and when it changes to true, check those sliders and update them if necessary.

I’ve found that if I pass in a string to the template and then use indirect tags on the slider it updates properly. so for now I have a work around, it will just require me to make sure that everywhere I want to use that template that I’ve got those same tags. Not an issue just not what I was trying to do lol. It is strange though that it didn’t seem to want to work with custom properties.

If you set the ‘Cache Policy’ of the relevant window to ‘Never’, the bindings won’t be cached so they will evaluate correctly each time the window opens.