Slideshow or Image alpha

is there a way to develope an image slideshow?
i’m trying to make my own, but there’s no alpha on images, so nothing to do…
any suggestion?

Every component has a “visible” property which can be bound. It controls whether or not the component is shown.

Secondly, the image component has an “Image Path” property that is just a string. You can bind it to an expression using a switch statement. If you want you can use a timer component from the misc tab of the component palette to swtich between them. Here is an example expression:[code]switch({Root Container.Timer.value},



Hopefully I didn’t miss something, but what I’d like to have is the ability to use an image that does not have to be imported into the image library… I’d like to be able to throw them into a directory and just display them as needed…

Right, just set the image path property to the file location or url.

Gateway or client file path?

Images, I think, are generally server-centric. I know you can use an http url (like to point elsewhere, but I haven’t been able to use a file:// url.

What version do you have? I think we added it in 7.4.

i know i can use image sliding from sides or visibility, but i’d like something like fade in/out…
the best i can do is placing a fading black rectangle on the top, to hide the img swap.
not so good :confused:

We don’t have any transition effects in Ignition. You could use the paintable canvas component to fade an image in and out but it is not easy. I will add a ticket in to add transition effects to our image component.

This sounds like a neat feature. +1!

perfect. thank you.

What’s is the acceptable syntax for using a file or url in this property field?

For files you can use:file://localhost/C:/myfolder/file.txt file://MyFileServer/resources/manuals/instructions.rtf For urls use: images in our image browser you use their path:Builtin/icons/16/add2.png

Cool! Thanks, Travis!

[quote=“Travis.Cox”]For files you can use:[code]file://localhost/C:/myfolder/file.txt

No problem getting the localhost to work, but I cannot seem to get anything from a server… somerthing I’m missing? I’ve got a shared directory on the windows server with full control set…

Can you get to the exact same path with the Windows “run”? You would remove the file: and change all forward slashes to backslashes.

For example:




What about mapping a network drive, then accessing that drive like a local path?