SlingPlayerForWeb Plugin Likes To Use 8088 - FYI

Just wanted to drop a line to the community in case the run into this and kudos to Anna at Inductive Tech support for her help and quick find on this. I recently added some new apps to my laptop and the plugin for SlingPlayerForWeb was one of them. While running in the background it kept hijacking my com port 8088 which caused grief when I was working in the designer as my bindings kept tossing the error:

Gateway connection exception: Already In Use

Anna zero’d in on quickly with but using command line on my laptop >netstat -ao C:\Temp\Outputest.txt so we could get a text file and find all the process ID’s using 8088. Opened up task manager and went PID by PID until we noticed SlingPlayerForWeb was one of them. Killed that process and tada… problem gone.

Hope that helps others.

Thanks Anna!

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