Slow Comm, screen update time

I have an issue in relation to screen update time.

Though I think my issue is more based in how my communications are setup with my PLC.

I am running a CLX L73 v32.11 to Ignition 8.1.9

The screen lags at best for 3.5 seconds and I cannot get it to read any faster.

I have a group of tags with UDT’s and the Mode is set to Leased and with 1000mS Rate and the Leased/Driven rate is set at 3,000mS.

The resultant overload is at around 350%… so I’m thinking this gives me my 3.5sec update time??

Really looking for some options within ignition that I can look at to get this Overload down and ultimately my screen update time to as close to instantaneous as possible??

Appreciate the help in advance.


Couple questions:
Any continuous task in the PLC?
What’s your system overhead timeslice?
How many tags are in each group?


Thanks for getting back to me…

Any continuous task in the PLC?
All tasks are periodic except the main task

What’s your system overhead timeslice?
Had to set it to 80% to get anything resembling good performance out of the ignition.
How many tags are in each group?
The default provider, which contains the main group of tags is only at 10,900… and there are only 200 tags outside of this group.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You could try increasing the Concurrent Connections and/or CIP Connection Size.

Start with 4 for Concurrent Connections and 1000 for Connection Size. If none of your tags work all of a sudden then it’s likely the PLC doesn’t support any higher size than the default.

It would also be useful to provide screenshots of the diagnostics page for that device.

A screen shot of your driver diagnostic page would be helpful.

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