Slow Easy Chart

Hi everybody,

We are using Ignition 8.1.9 and have a project running in Vision. We are also using the easy chart template that can be found in the Ignition Exchange.
When the user wants to create graphs, everything seems fine. When going over the timespan of 7 days, the system gets slow. When going over 2 weeks, the queries get aborted (red screen with database symbol at the corner). When seeing this issue, we called the support and the main problem could be that our partitions are too small. We are saving data of partitions of one day. Each partition is around 3GB. So we changed the partitions to partitions of one week.
We did get some better results, but when asking data of 6 measurements for one month, it takes up to several minutes before the graph is shown.
The template for our graphs is set to 300 points and fixed. So we do not take the raw data option.

When starting from an empty easy chart (basic component in the designer) we see the same behaviour. So I don’t think there is a script running that could slow the queries down.

The database is on a VM with 8 cores and 64GB, which seems to be enough. The Ignition Gateway is on the same physical machine, but a different VMWare.

We are contacting support again in a few hours, but in the meantime I would want to know if somebody has some suggestions regarding the long loading time of the easy chart.

Thanks in advance!


What indices are present on your partition tables?

How do I find the indices of that table?
I don’t have a big knowledge about databases.


Generally you connect to the DB with that brand’s management studio and inspect the structure there. I recommend DataGrip for multi-brand environments, fwiw.

Ok. My coworker has got it. He also just called with Ignition Support.
The only thing that they noticed is the database version. Now the version is 5.7.33
We also have a different application running which is faster and it is using 8.0.23. Could this do anything?
Also, here are the indices:


I don’t generally use MySQL, sorry. But 5.7 is quite old.

What is the innodb buffer pool size set to?