SLOW Queries, how do i find them?

I was looking through the console and I found some slow queries. I want to try to make them faster but I don’t know where the queries are being called from?

Is there any way to track down where the queries are coming from? The application is pretty large


Yes, in the Designer top menu Edit -> Find/Replace. Search your project for some of the text that is unique to a slow query. Search All Windows, Scripting and SQL Bridge All Groups. If you don’t find the slow query then search the next project on the Gateway.

If you’re using an external database, it can be helpful to set up slow query logging there. Search online for slow query logging, it’s usually just a setting like “log_min_duration_statement” in PostgreSQL or “long_query_time” in MySQL. You can then find out if your database is doing something unexpected when it calculates its execution plan.