Slow Query Session ID tracing

Hello, I am fairly new to Ignition and am in the position for day to day support of an existing system.

I have an application that was created by an external vendor with both Ignition and SQL on separate virtual servers. For the most part it runs fine, but every so often I get complaints on the production lines experiencing long delays. After some investigation the Diagnostic logs show a lot of slow queries (sometimes taking minutes), the only other information I get for each of these warnings is a Session ID. However, I don't know how to track that Session ID (954250DD, F5705DF5, etc) to either the workstation causing it or a SQL server task.

Is there any way to track these Session ID to something that can provide more information like computer name, IP address, SQL server session?

Thank you,

Hi Chad_Beebe,

Please see this page of our User Manual regarding Session Properties: Session Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.

The Session ID is an identifier unique to each individual session. If you expose the Session ID property on the session, you could match that with the Session ID provided in the log.

I would also suggest opening a ticket with the Support Department to look further into these slow queries.

Thank you Kevin.

I forgot to mention in my original post that the application is on 7.9.