Slow refresh rate


We have Edge 7.9.10 Ignition project installed on AB Panel Windows 7. The project has been developed over years hence unused tags and unwanted scripts are potential to be there. A few options already tried including:

  • Extending client memory
  • Scan classes (Default: 500ms and 100ms)

Thoughts? Extra tools to look on might more helpful? Could you help out?


Attached screenshots.

Look at your driver diagnostics page. I doubt your 100ms scan class is really capable of 100ms.

Thanks Phil, had to open port 8088 and re-install ClientVision, the latter also allowed to reconfigure the gateway.

Seems normal now.


Hi Phil,

We have had to set up same project and using same Ignition version on a new machine. It is new setup and we followed same instructions of what we did for the previous one but did not help. It looks this time even slower, about 2 sec delay to refresh.

You mentioned that you “doubt your 100ms scan class is really capable of 100ms”. Could you provide me more details in this regards please? Any additional readings I have to check as well?


Assuming you’re still using 7.9.x…

Go to the gateway webpage, go to status tab, scroll down on left to Devices (Under Connections header), click Details on the right relevant to the device that you are polling at 100mS.

What @pturmel is saying is, it is not impossible to get 100mS scan classes to work on some devices, but on some other devices, it just isn’t possible. I see in your OP that you are using a Logix driver, to achieve 100mS scan classes you may need to use Phil’s driver instead (because his driver utilises Class 1 comms).

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll check again once I have access to the machine.

Correct I’m using CompactLogix. Could you explain what’s Phil’s driver?

This is the (my) driver in question:

See also these two older forum posts: