Slow response observed in Numeric Text Field & 2State Toggle

Hello All,

I 've observed that a change in a Numeric Text Field and/or a 2-State Toggle Switch (binding with OPC Tags) takes up to 10 second to be reflected on the component. The change consist in show the value of a OPC tag after a system.tag.write() call executed by a Momentary Button and/or focusLost and/or propertyChange events.

I’ve checked this behavior on the Controller side and you can observe an almost instantaneous change. This is not a critical problem rather a user experience one, as the application will be implemented with a user base with low to none technical knowledge.

I’m inclined to be a tag-reading issue. I can not find how to make this “delay” to be as short as possible. Any ideas on how to fix this??

Thanks for your time!
I’m attaching some sample code:

focusLost event


propertyChange event

zone = event.source.selectedValue system.tag.write("ZONE", zone) system.tag.write("HORAIRE",1)

PS: Ignition app will replace a legacy one developed in Cimplicity (where works faster)

Gateway: 7.8.4 (b2016082217)
OS: Windows 7 on clients / Windows Server 2008 on Gateway
Java: 1.8.0_45
Controller: CompactLogix 1769/1768 & Micrologix 1400
Scann Class: Default configuration

What are the scan class rate(s) on the tags that you’re changing? If you only have a few tags, or you’d like to test, try creating a new scan class and setting the ‘Read After Write’ option, then changing the tags you’re writing to this new scan class.

Thanks for your quick response, I was unable to answer this e-mail until now. I made use of if event.propertyName == "selectedValue": logic to reduce the system read/write calls, I also change the event calls, from lost focus to click released
I’ve been testing this logic for the past week with acceptable results.

I’ll mark this as resolved, thanks for your support.