Slow Scripting and Querying in 8.1

Has anyone else noticed that scripts, perhaps especially ones that query alarms or other databases from named queries are significantly slower in 8.1 (currently on RC1). It may also be using a lot of CPU and memory on the gateway. We didn’t have these issues on 8.0.xx as far as we could tell

I can’t think of any changes we made for named queries in 8.1

what about querying the alarm journal?

I don’t know of any for that, either.

Named queries and querying the alarm journal use two completely different code paths, so I’m having a hard time trying to think of anything in Ignition that would slow both of those things down.

Thank you. I did some more digging and its system.tag.getConfiguration() that is slowing things down a lot. I’m not sure it’s any worse in 8.1 than an older version since we made some changes ourselves, but running that in a for loop for a large list of tags takes up some time. I did parameterize it as False to avoid recursion as well.