Slow Start /Slow Stop


I have a system that I am working on which now it has 1077 groups and it is taking a lot of time to start up it seems like 5 min but I have not time it yet, plus it looks like a lot of tags are not been getting values from the OPC server Kepware v5.5 FSQL v4.2.13. I can launch the OPC Client tools and I see the OPC data with no problem. This is a system that I recommend the user to switch to FSQL from RSSQL and I am getting a little nervous with this errors. All the 1077 groups are trigger from an action item that changes every 5 sec.


Julio D


If possible, could you do the following: Open kepware, go to Tools>Diagnostics>OPC, start logging. Restart factorysql. Once things stabilize, save the log and post it (or email it to support). I’m curious how long the subscription phase is taking with kepware.

The unfortunate side is that 1077 groups is simply a lot of groups. If it’s taking 5 minutes, that’s only about 260ms per group, which is a lot… but not exactly crazy, depending on what the group does.

Now, once up and running, I wouldn’t expect there to be a problem. Here are a few things you might try, though:

  1. Go to Settings>Service Settings, and at the bottom, make sure that the “OPC Update Rate %” setting is set to 100.
  2. Increase the execution thread limit to 20.

Before you do all of this, though, go to Connection>System Status>Statistics. What numbers to you see in the top panel?