Slow systems troubleshooting


I’m sorry for this “open” question but i need some troubleshooting tips for slow response system. This is a frecuently fact, but this time is about ignition 8, kepserver 6 and 3 plc CLX 73 with 1756-EN2T ethernet gateway.

For now, I know that we have almost 21000 tags (that’s what KS says) divided in 3 PLC. Here you can see the diagnostic page:

We expect that TAGS with 500ms must respond to changes in that order of time.

Any help and hints are welcome. Greetings,

If these tags are all from Kepserver you should be looking there for troubleshooting.

Their manual has a section on performance optimizations, have you looked at that yet?

Thanks Kevin. There are some hints that we can follow. But in Ignition, do you know something about the interpretation of the info that I attached?

For example, for “direct_1000” scanclass, We have 5700 tags so the average duration should be 1000/5700 [ms] or there are concurrent threads inside the scanclass or another kind of optimization.

Thanks again for the KS manual.

“Scan class” is a misnomer when it comes to OPC tags. All we do is pass the scan class rate along when creating a subscription and monitored items on the OPC server. There is no polling or scanning happening between OPC client and OPC server.