Small bug fixes and improvements (V7.3.4)

I’m using 7.3.4 and have noticed a few things that could be fixed and improved

-Table columns don’t keep widths. This is something that appears to be patchy. On some screens they do, on others they don’t. Sometimes one table on a screen will keep its column widths and another table will not. weird

-Everytime a tag is changed the tag browser window scrolls to the top level. Irritating if you have several thousand tags (even if you have folders)

-Consistent fonts and sizes between components (i.e. numeric display and numeric entry - dialog plain 12 vs monospaced plain 14)

-Color control on easy chart trends and legends (the addition of the “Editor background” color attribute from the date range control to the easy chart should give me all the control I need).

-Numeric labels. To make it easier to create multiline labels can we have a something like

be the default? (Or just make it so that words wrap by default and use the existing horizontal alignment controls in the property editor to drive their behavior

-Notes window: this is hard to tell what it is bound to when you pull it up. It would be more functional if this were bound to the current foreground window in the editor. Changing the foreground window should change the notes window binding.

-The Notes window should also be dockable.

Just trying to point out some items that might help the designer experience ‘flow’ more.

Other small item

-Tag search function. This is helpful but is not complete in terms of functionality. I should be able to drag tags off the search results straight onto my displays.

-Tag search box should be dockable

-Tag search box: when pressing the select button, the tag browser selects, but does not move the view to the location of the tag. To make this work you have to press the up or down button to select the tag above or below the selected tag to make the tag browser view move to the selected tag. (once you see the tag is when you can do the drag and drop action to build your displays)