Small form factor touch screen panels

I am looking to upgrade some PanelView Plus Compact 400 terminals to a touch PC running Ignition (probably Ignition Edge Panel). However, I am having trouble finding an industrial touch screen PC that fits in the same form factor as the existing cutout.

Does anyone have recommendations for small form factor touch screen panels that could fit in this form factor? Our cutout seems to be 156 mm x 124 mm.

I looked at Advantech, Moxa, and Onlogic, but I was unable to find any that touch panels that could fit.

Could you cut it out a little larger? Or is the panel pretty crowded?

The panel is very crowded. It has been discussed that for new machines the HMI station size can be increased, but there are probably 100+ existing HMI stations in the existing form factor.

Our sales rep from Rockwell has informed us that the PanelView Plus Compact 400 terminals we use will likely go end of life around 2026, so we are looking to transition to a new HMI that fits the same form factor. Replacement parts for the existing installs is the big driver for trying to find the same form factor HMI.

A few years ago, a client of mine used Vision on the RPi 3B with the native 7" (IIRC) color touchscreen. Sounds like that might fit. That client had some bezels made to fit their app exactly--it think the bezels were more $$ than the rest of the kit, but the total was still reasonable. Low hundreds of $$ each.

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Like @pturmel we buy a RPI 4(4GB RAM) and make its internal wifi to access point mode and use an iPad or Android tablet mounted on the Panel to connect to it.
There are a lot of adapters for holding your tablet on the market.
For reference:


Try looking at OnLogic, Maple, DFI, or phoenix contact.

Or look into an IP rated PC/screen and get rid of the HMI enclosure entirely. The brands you and I listed have those as well.

Thanks for the suggestion. Between DFI and Phoenix I think there will be a model that fits the required form factor.