Small issue with role getting cut off in the Gateway configuration screen

This might be a question for the development team. In Config -> Security -> User Sources, this table will cut off text from a user's "Role" field if it is too long. There's no way to expand or export or otherwise see the missing text on this screen -- I must pull this information using a Python script or go into a different system of ours that manages our active directory and check for roles that way. It's hard to see in the screenshot because I censored everything but the 4th user down has a lot of different roles assigned to them. It cuts off the eighth role halfway through and shows an ellipsis ("...") instead of just listing all the roles in totality. This user has far more roles than what is shown on this page.

Is there a way to disable this text from getting cut off? Or is there an easy workaround I am missing to see all of this in the gateway?

I don't know about fixing the gateway page but I really like the Exchange resource below. You can create a Perspective application specifically to use this or you can embed it in other projects.

Perspective User Management

By: IA Sales Engineering