Small Popup Window Creation

Hello All,

I need to create small popup window which will contain some info, if some condition is true, lets say, if some process is over. The available options for popup windows do not suite me, because the window size is big. So how can I do that?

Is this in Vision? And by “available options for popup windows,” are you referring to system.gui.messageBox? Or are you having issues creating your own popup window at the size you want? What have you tried?

Whitman, thank you for your reply. So far I have tried only creating popup window in Vision project tree, which is too big for the purpose I need.But maybe it is good idea to try system.gui.messageBox, thanks.

I wouldn’t use system.gui.messageBox. You should be able to make pretty small popup windows. Here’s the smallest one I’ve got handy (269 x 101), but I’m sure they can go smaller:

Thank you, witman, it works. Any hint how to make the popup window flashing?

If you want the background to flash, use a property binding on the root container background color:

You can set a flashing color as shown above, or bind to a flasher tag you create to synchronize flashing between this and any other flashing elements you create (for this latter method, instead of using the flashing option on the binding, set the two colors for the two or more values of your flasher tag).

You can also make the popup window’s background transparent and set title and border display to never if you want to use a rectangle with rounded corners as the background to get a popup that looks something like this:
To get the transparent background, put this code in the popup window’s internalFrameActivated event:

# Make background transparent.
window = event.source


Thank you, witman, much appreciated.

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