Smallest value Ignition can read from OPC/Tag

Did anyone know the smallest value Ignition can read from OPC/Tag?
My colleague and I were working on a project that required to read the value from a Tag with 10^-17 and inside Ignition, the value obtained is 0.
I search through this
but nothing is related.

This will depend on the datatype of the tag (and is subject to scaling wherever it’s coming from) but a double tag should have a hypothetical minimum value of 2⁻¹⁰⁷⁴:

Make sure that you’re also changing the number format of the tag to actually be able to display all those digits.

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Greeting Sir. Thanks for ur reply. Can I come back to u after I try on it?

Hi I manage to solve the problem by changing the data format but I dont know why when I manually assigned the tag path to the field number it wouldn’t show the true value. The true value will only be shown when I direct drag the tag and map to the field number

I modify the deadband and everything seem to work fine now. Thanks