Smart TV to Display OEE

We have a customer that is wanting to display current data i.e OEE and line status on TV located throughout the plant. I’m looking for suggestions on what type of hardware I could use to do this.
I would think you could just use Ethernet cable and plug it into the network, but I’m finding it hard to see if the TV will run Java.

I use a couple of Samsung 400UXN-2 displays here. They have WinXP Embedded on board and the Java install was no issue.

Thanks for posting that, Jordan.

Those look pretty dang cool. It looks like the 400UXN-3 is the current model now. Wonder if I can convince the others we need one to play around with… :laughing:

I was reading through the user manual a bit and it looks like there is a MagicInfo module that goes with it, is that the “PC” or is that something different? I am going to need a display like this sometime in the future so I’d like to figure out what all I’ll need.

The display will be in a washdown room as well so how would you deal with a mouse/keyboard if the display is in a IP65/66 enclosure? Some kind of USB extender or KVM extender?

The manual kind of stinks.

MagicInfo is an app installed on the PC.

Wonder if there’s a wireless kb that’s washdown ready…

We have used these keyboards in grain mill plants very dusty and nasty environment and they hold up well. … 103m7w.htm

I use standard HD monitors up to 46" and repurposed PC’s that are in their golden years. When the monitor is a long distance from the PC (usually the case) I then use a VGA over CAT5 extender which is available from TruLink:

They have multiport versions too.