Smart TV via mobile vs Thin Client

We have a client that has their heart set on using a Smart TV as a plant-floor dashboard. From what I gather this is do-able as a mobile device (no Java) but I’m inclined to recommend they use a thin client or PC that runs Java. I know going mobile relies heavily on the devices browser and it’s compatibility with HTML5. I’ve found with actual mobile devices such as Android phones this compatibility varies widely especially with other ones. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

My gut tells me that the performance isn’t quite there yet. And I’m not convinced that they can operate on a 24/7 basis, unlike an LFD.

I’ve been using Samsung DXN series LFDs for a few years now. They have a PC with XP Embedded in them. Perfect to use a s a client, IMO.

It looks like Samsung may have discontinued the DXn series with the embedded Windows. It is no longer readily available at least in the 52" size. It looks like their other models don’t have an embedded OS. I do like the MTBF figure of 50,000 hours though.

There are others, like the LEC series that have Linux on board.

I think the DXN series is up to like DXN-3, or some other

Anyway, they do have some embedded solutions that would be more powerful than a smart tv.

EDIT: I’ll have to retract portions of what i said. Just because it’s running Linux doesn’t mean that there’s an ARM under the hood…