Smart tv's

Ok so I have a sony smart tv. it has google play and uses google chrome as its browser.
I am having trouble launching projects. I can get to the main screen in chrome however when I try to launch a project or the designer, it gives me a download popup. it will never open java or actually open the screen. went to the downloads and found them. tried to open but I get a popup of failed to open. any ideas? went to java website but couldn’t find a java download for a tv

If you can’t run Java on the TV, you’ll have to use the mobile module to run clients. (Try the demo to make sure it works, as we don’t test with smart tvs). A quick g-search seems in indicate that you won’t be able to install Java, but check with Sony to be sure.

the only way I could get this to work is running the mobile apps. no way to download java just as you explained. we are adding a thin client to be able to view easily. Thanks