Smartwatches integrated with Ignition

Has anyone in the forum done anything with this type of platform/technology?

I would like to consider this as a use case for alarm dispersal. Currently we use base station radios.“Walkie Talkies”
Several years ago I interfaced to the base station radio using the voice engine in Ignition. It works to this day, but we are always looking for better ways to reduce downtime.

No I haven't, but I'd be interested to see how you get on if you pursue this route.

After having a look on the website it indicates that it can integrate with your existing SCADA, but it doesn't describe the method of doing this (although I didn't spend too long looking so I could've missed it :sweat_smile:). It may be worth having a chat with them to see how they do this.

If you get any answers, let us know. I'd be interested to see what capabilities they have.

I have a zoom meeting scheduled today at 11:00AM Central Time. They are a startup out of germany.
In some of the emails with the representative which also is the co-founder; they indicated they certainly support opc/ua among other industrial protocols.
That still doesn’t mean it will integrate well with ignition.
Besides the hardware they also sell a “platform” which will likely be how it has to integrate. The watches are ARM based and as of yet I do not know the OS that runs on them. Plausibly some form of Android or maybe QT since I think QT C++ is bigger in Germany.
I will post more after the meeting.

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That's a good starting point. It would be great if they support MQTT.

I'm sure when I looked at the Website yesterday it said something about a custom built Android 6.0

To fill in some blanks, yep you are correct the watch runs Android
Under the hood its Node.js/Kubernetes/Docker (on the server side)
Node Red is the javascript function engine
They also have a REST api /json so I am sure Ignition could integrate but I still dont know that pathway.
They are a small startup in Germany which is not a bad thing. either statement.
One thing that could be a show stopper for many people and possibly us is one of their requirements of “No cut off installations” they seemed firm on requiring access which would immediately end behind a firewall. I know my corporation wont like that but maybe a compromise can be made… The watches are super simple and the rep was honest about battery life and wifi. LTS was another muddy water topic, I asked about 5 year support and I obviously did not ask the question properly. There was 0 year support because of the changing volatile nature of phones/watches. Granted promises were made that watches would always be available and they would all always be compatible with their system. I am waiting on a quote for a trial run which may or may not happen depending on price and security.

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If you want to do some of your own dev work, you could look into open source smart watches.
Watchy | Crowd Supply