SMS Ack Code

“At present the acknowledgement code for SMS is 6 alphanumeric codes.
Some of the end clients are having difficulty typing sure codes to send back via sms
is it possible to set SMS ack codes to be 6 numeric digits which would be easier to type”

I had posted the above before
Kevin.Herron had suggested it maybe a feature request ticket
Just wondering is there any update on it.
I am getting numerous complaints from clients. Those with older non smart phones once they press
reply to the message the received message disappears on their screen and they have to resort to
pen and paper to write down the reply code. This is tedious for them, especially if alarm occurs during the night

We implemented this option for 7.6.4.

oh great, when will it be released?

We don’t have a date yet for the final release, but it’s in the early access version posted on our website.

thanks :thumb_right: