SMS Alarm Module

I have installed Ignition 7.6.0 Beta, is the SMS alarm module included in it,
I don’t see any menu for connecting to a GPS modem.

FYI the 7.6.0 release is available on the website now.

There’s no menu item for connecting to a GPS modem. You just create a new SMS notification profile and part of the profile configuration will be the IP address and ports.

The SMS notification profile only works with the Airlink Raven XE modem - you can’t use any ol’ modem you want.

Should this module work without buying it. I have set up alarm notification via email, alarms are been triggered and are being added to the Alarm Status form but emails are not been sent to my mailing list.

Yeah, as long as the trial is currently reset and counting down, the email profile should send out emails.

Try searching for ‘EmailNotificationProfile’ on the Levels tab and turning some loggers to DEBUG if there’s not already something obvious present in the logs.

This test is being done on a test project that is connected to a local database, the alarm is being triggered by a query tag don’t know how to set it to debug. When I do a Submit Query from the Pipeline/Notification test page I get the result “No alarms in this pipeline” even though an alarm is flashing in the Alarm Status page.

Have you configured that alarm to actually use the pipeline you set up?

If you mean has an alarm pipeline been selected under the Alarming.Notification section in the Tag Editor it has and I only have one alarm pipeline.

Got it to work soon after, I am not sure what solved the problem.
It was either giving the user administration roles or adding them to the default list.