SMS Module Inquiry

Anyone here use the SMS module to receive text messages and do something with that received message? I am looking into purchasing the SMS module and was curious what was being with it. I see that I would need the Alarm Notification module (I have it already) and that I would need an Airlink RV50 series hardware and a SIM card for it.

I dont think you can do anything other than acknowledge alarms using the sms module. not sure what you had in mind. someone correct me if I am wrong.

Same question - Can I receive SMS message and do something else with it? Specifically we're looking at adding GPS asset trackers to some high value sensors and they typically either send out SMS messages with the GPS coordinates embedded, or you have to utilize the manufacturer's cloud based tracking service. I'd much rather get the coords into Ignition where I already have API scripts to interface with our in-house Asset tracking software.
Alternatively, anyone know of a GPS asset tracker that delivers it's info via MQTT??? (that'd be even simpler!)

I don't know if you have anybody in house to do software, but it would be pretty trivial to get a Twilio or Amazon SNS app up that listened for inbound SMS from these asset trackers and just dumped those into an MQTT broker.

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I've been "doing software" (among other things) from Fortran in '78 to Python now, but I still cringe when someone with your skills uses the word "trivial" :rofl: :laughing: I was kinda hoping you'd just say: "sure, we JUST finished system.twilio.receivemessage"!
That said, I do have both the Twillio module and account as well as a full MQTT implementation, so I'll jump in and give it the "ol' college try"!