SMS Module with RV55 not sending Alerts to some numbers

Hello I’m having an issue sending SMS alerts through my RV 55 to certain numbers. I works great sending and receiving alerts to most people but there are a couple that never get the messages. I have gone through there info in users and roles, checked phone numbers etc, several times and everything seams set up correctly. Im using an rv55 to send the SMS Alerts. Dose anyone have any idea’s of what I might be missing?

what carrier are they using? I use twilio module and have ran into a few of these cheap carriers over the years that wouldnt receive texts from twilio. never investigated it just changed them to email to text.

One number is Verizon. Another number that is not getting them is AT&T. All the other numbers that work fine are AT&T. I thought it might be a Verizon thing at first but I also have an at&t number that does not receive them.

id maybe check on the device and make sure they didnt block the number. outside of that I am not sure outside of making sure that the pattern of the number in the contact info section matches the others i.e 1976000000 and not this one being oddball 976-000-0000

not sure about rv55 but in the rv50x there is a section where you can test sending sms messages go to services>sms and look at the advanced section, although I couldnt get it to send out on my rv50x.

I figured it out. For some reason I had to put 1 before the area code of the phone number. All my other numbers did not need it but as soon as I put the 1 before the area code they worked perfect.
Thank you for the idea’s though!!!