SMS not sending messages


I observed that no SMS notifications are sent since I upgraded Ignition from 7.6 to 7.7.

I have a very simple test notification pipeline in which a single notification block send a message to one Email notification profile and one SMS notification profile. This was working with Ignition 7.6.
Now, with Ignition 7.7, I receive the email message but not the sms message.

I validated the following :
Both notification profiles are running.
There is no error message in the console.
There is a success message in the audit table for email notification.
There is no message in the audit table for sms notification.

What should I try or check next?


Not sure if it’s my memory or a change in Ignition behaviour. I would need to go back to Ignition 7.6 to confirm. I changed the order of contacts in the user to have SMS first and email second. Now I get an SMS message but no email message.


Can you maybe post screen shots of how you have your pipeline set up? A single notification block allows you to to send messages to one single profile, but lets you specify multiple in case one isn’t available, or the user doesn’t have that type of contact. I think that’s what you have from your description. If so, it sounds like it’s working as it should.

To get both messages, you would want to have a splitter going to two notification blocks: one for email, and one for SMS.

Hope this helps,

So there is no problem (but my memory :blush: ).
I didn’t remember only one notification per user was sent.