SMS Notification Using Twilio

Aim: As a user, I need to acknowledge the alarm by sending an acknowledgement reply to the SMS Alarm Notification.

SMS Notification Profile had been created in Ignition Gateway to send SMS to ordered lists of users in the event of an alarm using Twilio account (Trial).

I’m able to receive an Alarm Notification Message in the event of an alarm along with acknowledgement. But I’m not able to acknowledge the alarm due to reply message failure (Ref: Attachment 1).

Configurations Done in Gateway:

  1. Config > Alarming > Alarm Notification Profiles (Ref: Attachment 2)

  1. Config > Twilio > Twilio Account (Ref: Attachment 3)

  1. Config > System > Module Configuration (Ref: Attachment 4)

Is there any particular configuration to be done in Twilio account( to link inbound messages to Ignition or is there any further configuration I missed in ignition Gateway to reach Aim(Mentioned above).

Kindly help me to fix the issue.

The hint is in the inbound host name configuration field you screenshotted. From memory you need to configure twilio to forward incoming SMSs onto the igntion gateway, which requires the gateway or a device on the gateway network to be publicly addressable by twilio. Again, from memory…

The module takes care of configuring Twilio.

That Public Hostname and Public Port setting is supposed to be the internet-reachable address of your Ignition Gateway. Twilio two-way only works if your gateway is accessible for the Twilio service to make HTTP calls to when SMS arrive.

It’s best suited for hosted instances of Ignition because otherwise it requires that you either expose your Ignition instance (not ideal) or have the IT/networking chops to get an external proxy or something set up that only forwards the Twilio requests to your gateway.


Where do I find the twilio alarm notification module?

In the modules section on the downloads page: Current Ignition Release | Inductive Automation

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Do you if I can use twilio for VOIP notification?

Not with the Twilio notification module, but the regular voice notification module may work with Twilio’s SIP gateway service.