Sms notifications, to dynamic mobile number


I have sms hardware and notification pipeline setup and working perfect.

What I want is to send sms to number assigned in tag string value.

So in general I would like to replace name in the notification pipeline based on tag.
I used Calculated Roaster with the following code:

visitor_sms ="Manual Tags/Reception/Visiting_Phone").value
user1 = {"username":"bob", "sms":[visitor_sms]}

roster = [user1]
return roster

and it is not working.

However this one is working fine:
visitor_sms = “0871234567”

user1 = {"username":"bob", "sms":[visitor_sms]}

roster = [user1]
return roster

So my issue is to properly read value from the tag.

when i tried this in the script console it can read the data from the tag.

visitor_sms =“Manual Tags/Reception/Visiting_Phone”).value
print visitor_sms

Any help will be much appreciate.