SMTP configuration of Office 365 account

I want to change smtp configuration from gmail to office365, but after entering the information, the test result showed:

Here’s my configuration. It following the instruction from MS.


Did I configure it wrongly or does office365 support SMTP?

Did you see the instructions in purple explaining that Office365 doesn’t support it by default? You have to enable it separately.

Thank you for pointing it out.
Just went through the instruction. I am using cooperate Email, there’s no way the IT team will disable the cooperate AUTH just for this ignition function.
I might just ask IT to create gmail/hotmail account for it.

There is 0 reason to disable auth, you should not do this.

All our Ignition GWs use for sending hundreds of emails a day. Just have your IT setup an account for Ignition to use. Additionally, you will have the benefit of the emails coming from a central “trusted” account that wont get flagged as spam/phish. I also log into the account as you’ll be able to see all the sent emails from that account.

You misunderstood. The instructions do not say to disable SMTP AUTH. They say you need to disable OAuth. Something else entirely.