SMTP error for 'Push Email Notificatio'

I am trying to create Alarm Email notification Pipeline. But, I am getting following error:

"[,port=25] Error sending message to user 'usr-prov:null:/usr:sandeep'. Remaining retries=0"

I have tried using 'port=465' too.

Although, 'Test' email notification is successful.

Looks like you may need to specify a user provider.

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Thanks Andrews

I will specify user provider.

Is a user provider and an identity provider the same thing? If not what are the differences and where would you typically specify a user provider in an email notification set up?

Typo. "user source" is the correct terminology. This is a classic feature of Ignition where all authentication and role assignments are performed by the Ignition gateway, with a number of backend technologies (internal, database, active directory) and some ability to chain.

"Identity Provider" is the modern feature of Ignition where authentication and roles are delegated to a web-based, standardized API. Ignition comes with its own identity provider implementation that points at any classic user source.

Ignition's user management tools rely on Ignition's control over users and roles through a classic user source. Standardized web authentication APIs do not expose user management.


Ok. Thank you.