SMTP profile now requires credentials

In 7.9, we were able to send emails from an SMTP profile that had not been associated with a username and password. In 8.0, with the exact same setup, this is no longer possible (the error message says “Authentication Unsuccessful” when using the profile’s test email functionality). It doesn’t appear to be because of the SMTP server itself - emailing still works from an older version of Ignition.

Just wondering if this functionality is intended, and if to send any emails we will from this point on need a user to log into the profile. Please let me know if any addition information is required.

What version of 7.9 still works?

The version is 7.9.3

Nothing should have changed regarding necessitating a username and password. In the testing leading up to 8, most of it was performed with an SMTP Email app that doesn’t require any authentication and everything was successfully sent.

Can you try using an application like Papercut to see if the error is still generated when taking your SMTP server out of the mix?


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Okay, it looks to be a problem with our physical setup. We’re looking into it some more. Thanks everyone.

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Thanks for the solution to this. I installed Papercut now, but for testing what should I write as my own email? To be able to see that email in papercut?
Should it be:


This is my email notification setting:

The targeted email address within Ignition can be anything.

Papercut is acting as an SMTP server and will display any message Ignition sends to it, but won’t forward it out to the actual email address. Within the main notification page, there is a Test Pipelines and Notification Profiles... link that can be useful it quickly getting something to send.


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