SMTP profile query for alarm notifications ignition

Hey guys, I’m just having a play around with ignitions alarm notification. So far ive been going through inductive university’s video/ maual courses.
I’ve set up my pipeline to get an alarm notification via email…however i’m not fully versed in the SMTP concept… I’ve only followed the instructions of these videos and the forum , to get a better sense of it. I now have 2 email alarm notif profiles with the following configurations:

	Gmail alarm email profile with:
	Port: 465
	Enable SSL/ TLS: TRUE
	Username: *my gmail username*
	Password: random one
	Advanced properties, STARTTLS Enabled: TRUE

	ignition example alarm profile with:
	host name:
	Port: 25
	Username: Ignition
	Password: random one
	Advanced properties, STARTTLS Enabled: FALSE

What else would I need to make this work? i mean, do i need to download a software like for the sms profile or would i be good to go? As Im not receiving any emails

Apologies for the lack of knowledge here, i’m just taking each day as it comes haha.
Thank you all!

P.S. for more info, my pipeline is trying to send it to my personal gmail, with a user profile with an ALWAYS schedule and my actual email address. 5 second delay block on the pipeline then a notification block but then thats all. And im also able to ping from my host and VM

Do you get this figured out?? If now, I have some things you can try and some ways to troubleshoot the SMTP host. I was able to get it to send from my email.

Hi Scott. sorry for the delay in reply.

Yes! I sorted it out. It all had to do with the google mail account that was sending the alarm. It had to be configured to allow third party apps to send emails

Thank you x