SMTP profile test failing using Gmail SMTP

I have set up a GMail SMTP profile and I am trying to test it but I am getting this error

javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at
535 5.7.8 g13sm65121lfc.52 - gsmtp

I have also set up a SendInBlue SMTP profile and when I test it I am getting this error

javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 530 Invalid username or password

I am new to setting up alarms, pipelines and SMTP profiles so I am unsure what I am missing. Any help is welcome. Thanks

Did you visit to learn more?

Gmail doesn’t support SMTP by default any more, you have to explicitly opt into legacy / insecure application access or whatever they call it. If that’s still allowed.

With SendInBlue I don’t know how else to interpret the error other than you’ve specified the wrong username and or password in your email profile. Maybe the username needs the “@whatever” suffix or maybe it doesn’t?

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Or 530 was hardcoded to “Invalid username or password” somewhere along the line

@Kevin.Herron hit the nail on the head. Allow less secure apps and try again–you’ll have to do this anyway. I’ve personally dealt with this same thing and in my case “invalid username or password” was a red herring

The username is the full username,

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I think that gmail also sends an email that you have to click a link on or something when you initially try to send the email from Ignition to allow that app to send email. going off memory so I may be wrong, but def check the inbox.

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Some notes on Sendinblue:

I did have to open a support ticket to activate transactional emails at Sendinblue. For my issue, they had responded the same day. I think it also helped that I put in links to Redmine and Inductive Automation to give them a complete picture of what we do.

After it’s activated, you need to go to and create an SMTP key, which becomes the password in your Ignition SMTP profile.