SMTP Profile using Gmail


I am trying to set up a SMTP profile on ignition. This would be for alarm notifications as well as the reporting module daily email. I'm receiving an error everytime I attempt to test send an email. Is this a common occurance with gmail?
-port 465
-SSL/TLS is connected,
-username is email
-password is password for email.

error message I am receiving is:
com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port:, 465; timeout 10000;
nested exception is:

any help would be appreciated.

You forgot to include the error message. Hit the pencil edit icon.

This looks like a DNS error, which would be a local network problem. But I think that's strange for a google domain to not resolve.

What might be more likely is port 465 is blocked. What happens if you use port 587 instead?

If I do 587 I receive the same error message.

Changing the port does nothing for whatever is wrong with your network that DNS lookup for fails.

Do you have an IT department you can talk to?

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Yes sir I do, but they haven't been much help so far.

Can you use your company's internal SMTP server? Often these don't require authentication for mail from inside the organisation.

Tip: set the 'from' address to something that will help IT find the source of the email in the event that it starts flooding the system due to a code error, or whatever. e.g.,

Did you generate an app password? Can't use gmail server for this anymore without using an app password.

Side note, i've had the best luck with port 465 for this

So what I found out is that our company never set up a DNS server for the gateway. I had to use the IP for the in order to get out. I did have to enable the app password. Thank you Ryan. I appreciate it. I am learning ignition, as I'm use to wonderware and Panelview. There is a learning curve for sure, but I like it so far.

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I had to use the IP address for the smtp profile. IT never had a DNS server set up. I'm not an IT person by trade, so it was a last resort to try for me. I don't know how to set up a DNS server on gateway either.

Excuse me, which IP are you talking about?

The IP address of the SMTP server.

Either ask your IT department for the details or check what your company email client settings are pointing to.

IP address of the gmail SMTP profile.