SMTP Relay for Email Reporting

Hi Everyone,
I have an application running where I need to send out hourly updates to a list of about 20 people. I am currently using Outlook. The problem, is that every so often, Microsoft locks the account until I log in and verify it. I am assuming the Microsoft thinks that the email account is being used to send junk/spam. I would like to transition over to a paid SMTP relay. Is anyone using one that they can recommend? Looking mostly for something reliable and cost effective. Or if anyone knows how to get Microsoft to quit locking my account, I am all ears....

I believe Outlook has a 300 email limit per day for SMTP, maybe that's why it's locking out.

I am currently using MailGun.

It works well for their 35 bucks a month service. There's a 5 email account limit to this (you need 20), however, I just set up a rule on my business email to forward the emails to the appropriate person to get around that limit. You can add more emails to send, you just have to use a registered domain.

Outlook or office 356? I send 1000's of emails a day with a dedicated account for Ignition with O365. Talk to your IT folks to get the limit fixed and switch over to OAuth while your at it on the latest Ignition version.

Really hope this is not from your personal account, there should be a dedicated service/integration account for sending the emails.

Also, I have to say it, email every hour sounds like an excuse for a bad process. Do people not want to login to Ignition, can you not setup dashboards or common screens to show this info live?

Hi. Sorry it took so long to reply. Got side tracked.
We ended up going with SendGrid. They have a free version that allows you to send up to 100 emails a day. Probably going to upgrade to the $20 per month package eventually.

The original email account was/in an Outlook account, not O365. Getting a dedicated O365 account is a battle I am not quite ready to fight yet.

The majority of the emails go to contractors that are spread out across the state. The end goal is to have all the remote locations report to AWS and create a dashboard that they can just log in and see. Just about everything that we have done so far is proof of concept, the powers that be aren't adapt to change and just want to keep doing things like its 1995.

Thank you both for your replies,