Snap to grid

On just about every other drawing tools I have used, when snap-to-grid is enabled, selected objects that I move do not snap every object to grid. The snap is only applied at the upper left corner of the selection, all other objects in the selection maintain their relative position to that corner. The Designer seems to apply the snap to every object. This includes grouped objects. I like snap-to-grid, but this anomaly makes it less than useful. Fixed in 7.4? Am I doing it wrong? How about about a status icon to let me know whether or not snap is active, in case I get a phone call or something?

OS: WinXP, Win2008Server, Client Win7
Ver: 7.3.x, 7.2.x

I’m not sure what you’re talking about - when I select a bunch of items and move them, the “snap” is applied to the rectangle of the selection, not to each individual component.