SNMP connection

Hello everyone,

I’m starting a new project to monitor the plant network.
I’ll use Kymera’s SNMP module.
Is there some guide on how to use it in Ignition?
I have a cisco switch I can make some test with. I put the IP address in the SNMP host name device connection and it gets connected, but I don’t know how to read the values.
When I browse the device when trying to create a new tag, nothing appears, only the default ones, the diagnostics ones.

I have to create a MIB? Or how can I achieved that?

Thanks in advanced!

It was a holiday in Canada today, someone will be in contact with you tomorrow.

You either need the MIB for the device, or know the direct OID to address.

Thanks Kyle.

Is there any chance someone has an example on how a MIB looks like?
Or if I know the direct OID to address, I should put it in the configuration of the device?

How can I find out the OIDs or MIB for the device?
I have to make some configuration in the device or I do everything just with Ignition?


You will have to look at the OIDs inside the MIB. This tool is free and will let you explore your device’s MIB:
You can grab the Cisco Switch MIB from here:

There is a link on the page above that will let you “walk” through the MIB for a specific device. Look for “SNMP Object Navigator”

I hope this helps.


Has anyone from Kymera contacted you about the SNMP module yet? I will send you the email of the guy who can wrangle the resources inside to help you out.