SNMP protocol

Ignition has a great alerting system. IT uses SNMP extensively to monitor its’ network/infrastructure.

It would be a big win if the two could be combined.

Indeed, an SNMP module that added both an SNMP OPC-UA driver and SNMP alert notification profile would be awesome.

Another vote for SNMP. Has it made it onto the list of future OPC-UA drivers?

I believe there is talks of such a driver, but Im purely speculating

Oh yeah, there’s always talk!

But seriously, yes: SNMP occupies a high spot on the list.

Not for free, but if you are in hurry for SNMP data Kepware sells a SNMP-OPC driver. I´ve tried it and it works quite well.

Of course having a direct driver would be much better, but adding mibs for each manufacturer has to be properly implemented. Adding icons for each piece of equipment will also have to be well planned.

Stuff that is relevant to the performance of a system, other than network condition are UPS status (battery charge, time left, etc.), server status (disk space, memory usagea) and some server room or rack data that could compromise production if it fails. Some SNMP-OPC servers do not support these type of equipment and are a bit worthless.

A solution if you use something like Nagios would be to simply give IA access to the Database that stores all the states for your monitored systems.

I did that here and just use queries to display status of things in my various Ignition programs.