Snowflake datawarehouse with Federated SSO authentication

Hi there,
I'm trying to configure a database connection to SnowFlake.
My SnowFlake account uses federated SSO authentication (SAML2) with Azure ADFS.

I followed this guide
Both the JDBC Driver and the Translator for SnowFlake are already setup.
But I'm struggling with the "Connect URL"

For now I get a "Faulted" connection status.

The snowflake documentation refers to an "authenticator=" login parameter, which should be followed by the URL endpoint for my IdP.
Managing/Using Federated Authentication | Snowflake Documentation

However in the URL to my Azure ADFS IdP, a new SAMLRequest key is required for each new authentication.

For those of you who already worked with federated authentication to databases, what would you advice in this case please ?

  • Does Ignition offer a simple way to manage those SAML keys in the "Connect URL" of my database connection ?
  • Or is it better to create in my IdP a dedicated service account that Ignition will use to access the SnowFlake datawarehouse ?

Thanks in advance

Hey @Marc.Akoto,

I would recommend contacting Support for this issue. There, we'll better be able to help you troubleshoot the connection status of the database.