Socket timeout exception


We are getting socket timeout exception error while opening the client.exe file in the client PC. We need to retry few times to get it connected to server.
But if i try to open client.exe in the server, it opens without any erros.

The snapshot of error is attached here for your reference.

The server and client PCs are connected via LAN cable and i am able to ping server IP from the client without an interruption.
The software version is V7.9.2 64bit and Java used is 8.0.1410.15

can you please let us know what could be the issue and how to resolve this.


So your clients are having a hard time reaching the server some of the time?

Sounds like a problem with your network. Have you verified that your server has a unique IP and there are no IP collisions?

Also check if there is anti-virus software interfering.