SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out


When I am trying to launch the Ignition Designer or any other clients, I get the error in the subject line. I am running the gateway locally on my machine. I am able to connect to the gateway via: localhost:8088. I was connecting to the gateway on (05/24) with no issues. My system configuration is as follows:

Windows 7, 64 bit
Java 1.6.0_43
Ignition 7.5.7

I have tried stopping and restarting the services via the Gateway Control Utility with no luck. I have tried disabling the Windows firewall with no luck (just as a guess). I have tried disabling my antivirus (MS Security Essentials) as well with no luck.

Please advise me how to proceed further. Thanks.

Are there any details accompanying the message?


The only error message I get when launching the software is:

“Error launching application:
SocketTimeException: connect timed out”

(as stated in the subject line)

I actually fixed this problem last week by changing the “Network Bind Interface” to Auto-Detect. However, I’m again having this exact same problem and I still have it set to Auto-Detect. Isn’t there a general set of troubleshooting steps I can go through? It seems like my Designer isn’t connecting to the correct IP address/port. Do I need to open anything on the firewall? Should I clear out my Java cache?

Please advise further.

you can definitely clear out the Java cache, the .ignition cache as well, it wouldn’t hurt. Additionally you can enable the Java console in the Java control panel advance options. This may give you some more of a stack trace to post up here for us to look at. Also, you could check the user folder to see if there are any text files that may have information on the failure to launch.