Software no working, gateway no showing- any help?

Our operator did a windows update on the software computer which killed our software now nothing works, it seems we are on a trial license instead a regular license the programmer can help and of course, the technical support is closed on the weekends, is anyone that can help us?

Is this an Ignition gateway? How did the operator get access to it?

... which killed our software ...

What does this mean? You need to do some systematic problem sofving and be precise.

  • Is Ignition installed on the computer.
  • Is it running?
  • What happens when you try to browse to the gateway?
  • Do you know what version you have licenced?
  • Do you have the licence key?
  1. Ignition is installed
  2. It will not run. When we try to launch, it say unable to connect to gateway, host error 503
  3. It cannot connect to the gateway
  4. Version 8
  5. Our license expired on 10-16-2022. We cannot find a way to get a new license key

If the pc youre on the same pc that the gateway is running on?

Licenses don't expire, unless they are pre-sales extended trials. (That usually means unpaid.) You can't get a non-expiring license without paying. How did you get that license?

If you got the license from an integrator, and it didn't really expire (or it has been replaced), then that integrator may be able to reset the license grant for you on the weekend. You can also try telephone support, but again, that's only 24/7 for users who've paid for that level of service.

Please provide more information (but do not show your license key in public).

FWIW, I've never seen a Windows update destroy a license. A Windows re-install would do that, though.

Interesting point. By "update," are we talking about something like a security patch, or something like migrating from Windows 10 to Windows 11?