Solace JMS Ignition

Need to read messages from Solace as PubSub message broker through JMS in Ignition 8.0.5
Can I get script to connect with JMS from Ignition 8.0.5 and read messages from Solace PubSub cloud or software(either/or) and display that message in Ignition.

Achitecture is like this:-
Ignition 8.0.5 to JMS API to Solace PubSub.

I never used Solace, but apparently they offer MQTT communication, so you could use the MQTT driver for Ignition.

Actually its a specific requirement to use Solace and JMS only. I saw MQTT and Active MQ on ignition website but later I received the information that Solace PubSub model should only be used as existing architecture is based on Solace and JMS so I have to integrate Ignition with there existing architecture and its clear that only JMS-Solace should be used, nothing else.

Kindly let me know if there are any JAVA scripts for the same.

I have never seen JMS being used for Ignition. You will probably have to write your own module.

But I do wonder why it’s a requirement to use that protocol, if other protocols are available to make a connection between Ignition and Solace.
When you write your own module, it will take quite a while until it’s bug free and performant.